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We have an experienced team that will work with you from the design phase, through coding and testing, to installation and maintenance.
We have established a reputation of developing heavyweight solutions that are able to handle complex organizational procedures and large data sets without falling apart.

About Insolica

Insolica is a fast-growing company in the M2M sector and big-data processing solutions.
We specialize in consultancy, data processing, and provision of reliable back-end solutions. We pride in our ability to offer high quality services at affordable rates.

One thing for sure is that not everything that works for others will work for you. And that is why you will not receive a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, we will take our time to understand the unique features of your organization, before giving you a solution that will guarantee greater efficiency and increased performance.

Guðmundur G. Sigurðsson

Senior Software Architect

Guðmundur is a co-inventor of the “A” method and system of determining the track record of a moving object (EP 1518212).
With over ten years experience as a system administrator and software developer and during the past 15 years that he has worked at SAGAsystem, 5 of them have seen him occupy the position of CTO, enabling him to work with programmers and designers in creating complex systems and applications.
His mastery of specialized programming skills has enabled him to be in charge of setting up the infrastructure of complex system and running the operations of the company. He has a Computer Science degree in Electronic Engineering.

When he is not at Insolica or with one of our clients, Guðmundur is probably spending time with his ever-loving wife and three adorable kids. His interests include general health and fitness and computer related stuff.

Höskuldur Þ. Arason

Creative Director

Apart from being a co-inventor of the patent EP 1518212, Hoskuldur other qualifications make his contributions to SAGAsystem priceless.
Having acquired a Computer Science degree in Electronic Engineering from The University of Iceland in 1997, he went ahead to serve in many private and public capacities for over 17 years.
During this time, he developed a bias for measurement techniques and data gathering, filtering, manipulation, and storage of data. Other skills under his sleeve include hardware protocol and microprocessor programming among others.

Hoskuldur gets a lot of encouragement and support from his wife (who’s also his best friend.) Together, they have three children whom they love to bits. And although he doesn’t have a lot of interest in general health and fitness, he’s mad about camping and Icelandic explorations; in fact, he hopes to be a Syncronaut some day.

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